Rostock Ship Machinery Conference 2017

Agenda of First Rostock Ship Machinery Conference 2017

DAY 1:

Thursday 21st September 2017 (12:00-17:30)


12:00-12:30 – lunch buffet and registration


  • Welcoming Speech (requested)

    Dr. Thomas Rüggeberg, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

  • “Scandlines experiences with implementing Green technology”

    Fini Alsted Hansen, Scandlines Danmark ApS

  • “Requirements of Machinery on Future Cruise Ships”

    Jens Kohlmann, Carnival Maritime GmbH

  • “SHIP-shaped Well Intervention UNIT Interdisciplinary challenge and masterpiece of system integration”


  • “Two Stroke Engine Design for Global Emission Control”

    Kjeld Aabo, MAN Diesel & Turbo


15:00-15:30 – coffee break


  • “Exhaust Gas Scrubbers – latest update and field experiences”

    Stian Aakre, Wärtsilä Moss AS

  • “Concept Study for the Integration of a Mixed-charge Gas Engine in Maritime Applications”

    Dr. Markus Lüft, Detlef Kirste, Caterpillar Energy Solutions Mannheim / Caterpillar Marine Hamburg

  • “Turbocharging Monitoring”

    Oliver Heinrich, ABB Turbo Systems Ltd

  • “Sliding Bearing Technology for Large Combustion Engines: Quo vadis Challenges to the Bearings Designer and Manufacturer”

    Edgar Gust, Zollern BHW Gleitlager GmbH & Co. KG


19:00-23:00 – Evening Event


DAY 2:

Friday 22nd September 2017 (08:30-15:30)


  • “Heavy Oil Filtration for Modern 2- and 4-stroke Engines”

    Stefan Schmitz, BOLL & KIRCH Filterbau GmbH

  • “Use of Clutch Monitoring for Ship Operation”

    Dr. Gunnar Gödecke, VULKAN Kupplungs- und Getriebebau Bernhard Hackforth GmbH & Co. KG

  • “Interaction with neighboring assemblies and systems, problems and appropriate solutions”

    Dr. Burkhard Pinnekamp, RENK Aktiengesellschaft

  • “Engine Health and Energy management: trusted to deliver total optimisation”

    Finn Arne Rognstad, Rolls-Royce Marine A/S


10:30-10:00 – coffee break


  • “Experimental and Numerical Vibration Analyzes for the Understanding of Fatigue Problems”

    Mark Bludszuweit, MET Motoren- und Energietechnik GmbH

  • “Higher efficiency by Advanced Integration of Heat recovery turbogenerator and Shaft Generator System” & “Vibration strength of thruster motors on ships”

    Uwe Heine, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics GmbH

  • “Impact of the use of web-based automation systems in marine machine automation”

    Dr. Klaus Michelsen, Harald Michelsen, SER Schiffselektronik Rostock GmbH


12:30-13:30 – lunch break


  • “Design and Optimisation of Propulsion Systems”

    Jens Ring Nielsen, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Frederikshavn, Denmark

  • “Enhanced Service Operations Vessel (SOV): Comparative Model Tests and DP Time-Domain Simulations of an SOV with VSP Propulsion and Azimuth Thrusters”

    Dr. Dirk Jürgens, Michael Palm, Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG

  • “The modern propeller design between main engine and ship’s rudder”

    Dr. Lars Greitsch, Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH


15:00 – closing words / coffee break (end of the conference)